Like any adventure sport, paragliding has some risks. All of our equipment is modern and checked every day for safety. Paragliding injuries rarely occur due to equipment failure. We minimise risks by hiring experienced, qualified pilots, and being conservative in our decisions about when and where we fly. We won’t fly if we think the flying conditions are not safe.
Yes. For safety reasons, we only accept children aged 6 and over.
Yes. The maximum weight for flying is 100kg, and you must be in reasonable physical shape.
Yes. All of our guests who fly with us are covered by insurance.
Pamukkale has some of the world’s best thermal conditions, making it a popular destination for pilots from all over the world. The tiny village of Pamukkale has even played host to the World Cup Paragliding Finals and semi-finals in years gone by. It continues to be a popular destination for paragliders from all over Turkey who continue to come here for weekend competitions. While there are many chances to paraglide over beaches all over the world, the chance to fly over ruins of a major ancient city and a natural phenomenon such as the travertine pools is a once in a lifetime experience.
Unfortunately we no longer allow our guests to take their own photos because of safety concerns, and also because of the risk of damaging your property. However your instructor will film the flight using his or her GoPro, and you will have the option to purchase this as a memento of your experience.
Yes, we provide a helmet and other safety equipment for all of our guests.
Comfortable loose clothing is best. Long trousers are better, although not essential. We also prefer it if you wear closed in shoes such as trainers.
Our first flight of the day is at 8am and our last flight is at 6pm, weather permitting. One of our busiest times of day is around 3pm, as most people finish their Pamukkale tours, so it is a good idea to book in advance if you are thinking of flying then.
You don’t need any experience. Just listen carefully to the instructions given to you, and sit back and relax. The only time you will need to do any work is at take off when you will have to run a few steps with your instructor as you get airborne, and on landing.

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